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Ruthless Putting

Ruthless Putting

ISBN-13: 978-0-9815581-1-0
ISBN-10: 0-9815581-1-9 ..... $13.99

Available as a PDF ebook here
Also available as a KINDLE or MOBIPOCKET ebook

Why waste hours, days, or even weeks learning a new putting stroke… when you could be a SCORING MACHINE with the one you've already got?

Wouldn't you like to stand over a putt and KNOW that your stroke will send it down the line you've chosen? That the distance your putt travels is the ACTUAL distance you intended it to travel? And that, if you don't make it, your next putt will be a TAP-IN?

Have you given up hope of putting this well, simply because you don't have much time to practice? Because every teacher you hear on TV says something different? Because you can't afford expensive lessons?

Then you need Ruthless Putting.

In this book you'll discover:

  • The 7 Basic Principles used by ALL good putters, both past and present.
  • The amazing single move that can INSTANTLY improve your putting ability. (And guess what? It's a move you already use EVERY DAY!)
  • The 4 basic putting styles common among effective putters… and identify which one best matches your current putting stroke.
  • The classic swing-training technique that will give you consistent speed control on the greens.
  • How the way you grip your putter can help or hinder your putting stroke… and how to match a grip to your stroke.
  • The physical adjustments that can be legally made to your putter and how they can solve persistent putting woes.
  • Why reading greens is so hard, and the basic principle that will speed up the process.
  • How to beat "the yips" without expensive training aids… and NEVER be plagued by them ever again!
  • The best situations in which to use your putting stroke from off the green… and when you should use your putting stroke with a club other than your putter.
  • How to quickly identify the causes of your putting woes… and fix them just as quickly.

And much more!

You'll learn these techniques and principles without any expensive training equipment. In fact, you'll find that you have the few materials necessary right there in your own home!

How can Ruthless Putting do this? By teaching you how to incorporate moves you already use in everyday life into the putting stroke you already know, giving you a naturally consistent stroke.

So do yourself a favor and get Ruthless Putting today. Before you know it, you'll be the great putter everybody's trying to copy!

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